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To cooperate in first hand for our customer satisfaction in our import and export business is the most critical and vital goal of our corporation and finance always stays in the second plan. 

Our corporation serves for our International Customers in every aspect with utmost care and present them available payment options for instance as  Letter of Credit or Documentary Credit,  Cash Against Goods or Open Account, Cash Against Documents, Advance Payment, Telegraphic Transfer, MoneyGram and Western Union Payments within export and import issues. However, if our international customers have big projects and huge demands of import and export products for the future projects, they need to pre-finance for sampling of their projects , R&D Department or any other project designs or production of custom made orders.

If you have any orders or samples to be manufactured, choose these goods from our catalogue range or from any companies’ product portfolio or you can also provide us necessary INFO & R&D work so that we can manufacture & produce and do necessary R&D work on them accordingly for meeting your requested demand Just in time in line with import and exportation. Please keep in case that, the samples are free of charge either their logistics however, our corporation reserves the right for custom made, or any other updated imported and exported orders. We will provide all technical details within our R&D department, manufacturing, sampling and for logistic purposes any documentation for customs procedures at all the stages with no hesitation as much as we can cooperate.

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